A collaboration between Foodpanda and yathar, the most famous food in the world

Founded in 2018, yathar is an InterCon-winning Top 50 Tech Companies Award in Dubai that specializes in technology for food lovers, including the yathar application and website.

Foodpanda was established in 2012 and has many users around the world. It is a company that came to Myanmar in 2019 and is a well-known company among consumers.

Now yathar and Foodpanda have teamed up to launch a campaign that will benefit yathar users and Foodpanda users.

This campaign is a Voucher that can be used by new users of Foodpanda. You can find this Voucher by logging in to website.

The Voucher found on the yathar website will be available at Foodpanda for 3,000 Kyats and 3,000 Kyats discount for new users.

New users of Foodpanda and yathar users are cordially invited to join the campaign using the Voucher to order their favorite foods using the Voucher.

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