Best Bars in Yangon

The best way to cope with all the hard work you have had throughout the week is to relax while drinking beer in a bar, and this time I will show you some excellent places to relieve all your stress.

Beer Vibe 

Beer Vibe is for the brothers who want to eat good foods and drink beer, and the foods are quite good, and the price is between 2,000 ks to 10,000 ks. Highly recommended for people who would like to drink beer with some delicious dishes.

Escape Gastro Bar 

If you have girls on your board, the Escape Gastro Bar is ideal. It’s very convenient because it has a chill vibe . There’s a bunch of cocktails for girls.So, it’s gonna be easy for them to enjoy. It’s recommended as a bar that needs boards and chill.

Asahi Beer Pub and BBQ

If you want to chill with your friends, Asahi restaurant is just perfect . In North Dagon, there might be only a few people who don’t know this restaurant. It has a lot of branches and you just chill at your nearby one. The restaurant has a variety of foods and the taste is great. , and if you sit in a lightweight shop, I wanna refer to Asahi from North Dagon Township.

50th Street Restaurant and Bar

50th Street Restaurant and Bar which in its retro style will take you to the past days at the end of a glass of whiskey. This bar makes us feel with its retro decoration like we’re in the 70s or 80s. It is a recommendation for people who would like to enjoy a glass of wine or whisky and a quiet evening. 

The Basement Dining and Bar

According to the name of “The Basement Dining and Bar”, the food is excellent. If you want to enjoy good food and drink, I would like to refer to The Basement Bar. The most distinctive part of the shop is graffiti outside the shop, and if you enjoy the moment with your friends, there is no reason not to choose The Basement Bar.

This time, it was about the best bars in Yangon, and I hope that if you are thinking about having a good time with your friends at a really nice bar this weekend, it will be helpful.