Best BBQ Restaurants

There’s a lot of dishes to try in this world. A dish that will always be the one, whatever the country; it is BBQ. So, I’m gonna show off some of the best BBQ restaurants in Yangon. 

Master Coal 

Master Coal BBQ restaurants’ special is “The Wanding taste chinese BBQ”. There’s no wonder that it’s a restaurant where you can enjoy not only BBQ but also a bunch of chinese dishes. I recommend it for its tasty BBQ and hospitable service. It’s the right place for the people who want to try a new taste of BBQ.

Shwe Khaing BBQ

Most of the people know the restaurant named Shwe Khaing BBQ that is from Yankin Township. Shwe Khaing BBQ is a restaurant with over 20 years of age and a bunch of menus. Outside of BBQ, you can enjoy various flavors of salad. If you have a desire to chill with your buddies, I recommend Shwe Khaing BBQ. 

111 Japanese BBQ

111 Japanese BBQ is Japanese BBQ restaurant. And this restaurant uses a premium quality beef and you can feel the premium taste of the meat. They have intestines to try also. They got the decoration of Japanese Style and it will make you feel like you having your meal in somewhere in Japan. It is not a buffet, so you just have to pay for just what you have. If you want to taste the softness of the premium quality beef in town, I really recommend 111 Japanese BBQ.  

Marine park 

If you are in the mood for the seafood BBQ, this is just for you, Marine Park seafood BBQ buffet. There are 2 packages, Classic and Premium. In the classic package, you can enjoy shrimps, octopus, squids and fish fillets. In premium, you can enjoy oysters, salmon, scallops and other expensive stuff. For the classic, it’s just 14800 kyats and for the premium, it is 22800 kyats. It is really fair priced. I really recommend it for seafood BBQ lovers. 


If you wanna choose the buffet BBQ restaurant, I would like to recommend Manpuku Japanese Buffet BBQ restaurant. It has three packages with the price of 13800, 15800 and 20800 ks and the price depends on the menus. It’s free  for the children who’s under the height of 3ft 6in. And it will only cost 7000 ks for the children under 4ft. So, a very faired price restaurant for the families. 

This time, I presented BBQ restaurants that are tasty and fair priced. Please look forward to what kind of contents like restaurant reviews and articles about food will be presented. Stay Tune.