Best Thailand restaurants

In the rainy season, let’s eat a good meal and refresh both our minds and ourselves. This time, the Thai restaurants will be shown to people who want to eat it. 

Thai 47 restaurant 

The Thai foods of the Thai 47 restaurant are very tasty, and they are absolutely perfect in the flavor as it is a famous restaurant.  You can enjoy shrimp Tom Yum Soup, phat kaphrao, Thai BBQ, Fish lemon grilled and other various Thai cuisine. And in the dessert, you can enjoy Mango sticky rice and durian sticky rice, when it gets to its season. 

Royal Thai restaurant

The Royal Thai restaurant is also a well-known restaurant where you can taste real Thai tastes. Because they have a Thai chef and the food is perfect and clean, it is also recommended in Thai restaurants for its various menus and taste. 

Thai Lanna restaurant

If you eat with your friends, I wanna give Thai lanna as a recommendation, and this is a place where you can enjoy seafood with a good taste. The curry is cooked with coconut milk, but it will not make you feel greasy at all. The taste is sour and spicy in a good way. This restaurant is fair priced with various menus.  

One Zaab restaurant

One Zaab, on the other hand, is a well-known Thai restaurant among young people, and it has so many menus and the spicy ribs is pretty good, and the price is affordable, as well as the desserts are absolutely must-try. 

Yim Siam စံထိပ်ထား Thai restaurant

If you want to enjoy a perfect Thai taste, you have to make an order in Yim Siam Thai restaurant. There’s so many salad menus and the taste is so fresh. Raw shrimp salad, Papaya salad, Thai BBQ, and others, whatever you eat, the taste will be fresh and still tasty.

This time, I have presented an article about Thai restaurants in Yangon, where the price is affordable and tasty. See you next time.