Café shops that can create a beautiful date

Would you like to relax while drinking coffee this weekend? Reading the book while enjoying a cup of coffee is also the best feeling, so I ‘m gonna show you some nice cafés to chill this weekend.

Freedom café 

Freedom café, on the other hand, is a favourite of many young people, and it’s perfect for friends to gather and talk freely. And the menu is lightweight. It is the best café to chat with friends while drinking some drinks.

The Plant House Café

If you love books, plants, and coffee, The Plant House Café is just for you. The space of the café is a bit tidy and cute, and it makes you feel warm. It is a very quiet and peaceful coffee shop, so it is very suitable for reading calmly. 

Innwa Books & Café

If you are a Bookworm who loves reading so much, Innwa Books & Café is a must go place. Since there are many types of books, it will make you want all of the books in store. You can enjoy your coffee while reading the books you just bought. There’s a lot of Burmese books and also English, so you’d better take a lot of money for the books. 

LEAF Café & Plants

If you want to drink a cup of coffee among the green beauty of eye-catching trees, go to Leaf Café & Plants this week, which is green and lovely throughout the shop. The fragrance of coffee and  the tiny trees will make you feel like you’re in a tiny coffee shop located in the forest. You can have your coffee and the lovely trees can be purchased at the shop.

Café Deja Brew

Café Deja Brew is like an art space in Yangon, where aesthetic coffee is available. You can kind of artistic sense once you get into the shop. On a rainy day, you can enjoy the taste of coffee while reading poems at Café Deja Brew this weekend. 

These are just some of the nice café shops in Yangon, and let’s have a good time chilling in a café, whether with a friend or a loved one.