Chinese restaurants in Yangon

The topic that I want to present this time is about Chinese restaurants in Yangon, and let’s take a closer look at which Chinese restaurants in Yangon will be, which are affordable and tasty.

Imperial Garden restaurant

In Chinese restaurants, the Imperial Garden restaurant is an excellent restaurant, with various Chinese cuisines, and every meal is delicious. Roasted duck and Dimsum are absolute must try items, the skin crispy and the meat inside is soft and nice. 

Hong Bao Dim Sum and Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine 

If you wanna enjoy Chinese foods like roasted whole piglet, roasted duck, steamed chicken or Chinese masala crab, Hong Bao Dim Sum and Authentic Hong Kong Cuisine is just perfect. Hong Kong style cuisines and Dimsum are available in this shop, it tastes pretty good and recommended. 

The 800 Bowls Chinese Restaurant

The 800 Bowls Chinese Restaurant, on the other hand, has a variety of “pauk si” called Bao, which are affordable and tasty. And it has a variety of menus and the taste is pretty great.  I would like to recommend that it taste nice and affordable.

Jin Din Fung Chinese Cuisine

Jin Din Fung Chinese Cuisine is the most suitable restaurant for premium taste Chinese cuisine, a real chinese taste. And I would like to recommend this restaurant just for the taste. 

Oriental House

In the Oriental House, Dimsum is a major sale of this restaurant. Oriental House’s dimsum taste is great as well as other Chinese foods. If you wanna enjoy a really good dimsum, you need to come visit Royal Oriental House.

Here is a selection of Chinese restaurants in Yangon, which are affordable and delicious, and look forward to the next  interesting restaurants reviews.