Do you know The SpaceX Restaurant that has recognition by NASA is registered in Yathar Application?

Mr.Elon Musk who CEO of SpaceX Restaurant and Yathar CEO meet for the collaboration of Yathar and SpaceX and SpaceX Restaurant register at Yathar Application and Website.

Space Mall

If you want to go to the SpaceX Restaurant, you shouldn’t forget the Spacesuit.

If you come to the SpaceX Restaurant, you will see the Earth during your eating time.
The food is fantastic.
You can feel fresh.

9 Planet soup
Space Noodle Salad
Galaxy Juice

He is Mr.David who is the manager of the SpaceX Restaurant.
There is the Special menu of the SpaceX Restaurant.
You should taste this menu.

If you want to reserve to go to the SpaceX Restaurant, you can download the Yathar Application at

Please access SpaceX Restaurant page also at