Free WIFI restaurants in Yangon

This time I would like to guide free Wifi restaurants in Yangon for people who want to chill on their phones while eating nice meals.

MyCup Café

MyCup Café, on the other hand, is calm and has a good meal, and the price is affordable, especially for teenagers. It is quite chilling and drinks are quite good. It is very convenient for young people who to want to chill while using the Internet.

Yangon language cafe

Yangon Language Café is ideal for young people who’s studying a certain language, where you can study while drinking a nice cup of coffee. Free Wifi is available. And there’s so many of books in many languages, such as English, , French, Japan, Korea, and so on.

Imperial Café & Book

Imperial Café & Book is for total bookworms, and the store has many literature-related books. And in this café, you can read nice books while drinking coffee, and free wifi is also available.

Cafe Gotham

If you like Batman, visit café Gotham once, and the decoration of the store will make you feel like you’re in Gotham. It’s full of Gotham’s characters. Not only the decoration, but also the food is great. The grilled pork in this shop is very good and famous, and if you have the opportunity, eat grilled pork in Gotham.

Link Juice Bar & Cafe

Link Juice Bar & Café has a variety of natural fruit juices, and the signature menu in this store is crepe. This crepe, Mee Shay and drinks are to the like young people. And the menu is not quite much, but definitely delicious, and the price is affordable and the is great, so I recommend this café.

This time, we talked about free wifi restaurants in Yangon, and let’s see which nice restaurants we will present next. See you.