Hot Pot Restaurants in Yangon

Are you looking for a great hot pot restaurant among so many restaurants in town? 

We are going to mention 5 Hot Pot restaurants that are fair priced, serving fresh meat and absolutely delicious, make sure you read till the end. 

Yummy Hot Pot

Yummy Hot Pot is famous among hot pot lovers for its tasty hot pot soup and fresh, various meat, seafood, veggies. And the decoration of the restaurant is wide and tidy, so it’s perfect for family and friends gathering.

It is fairly priced and we recommend Yummy Hot Pot as one of the best Hot Pot restaurants in town.

Memory Hot Pot 

The trademark of Memory Hot Pot is their Chongqing spicy mala base soup. They preserve so many meat varieties. And they preserve chinese foods like malaxiangguo too.

And they have a really wide parking lot, so customers don’t have to worry about it. 

Mr.Jerry Thai BBQ and Hotpot

Mr.Jerry Thai BBQ and Hotpot is the restaurant that is already quite well known among youths of Yangon. The Dipping cheese that comes along with the BBQ pot, it makes Mr.Jerry different.

And the taste of grilled meat and melting cheese goes really well. That’s fantastics. You can enjoy Hot Pot the same as when you enjoy your BBQ. It has a fair price and great taste.

So we recommend this Hot Pot restaurant, Mr.Jerry Thai BBQ and Hotpot.

Shwe Lar Hot Pot

When it comes to Hot Pot restaurants, we can’t forget Shwe Lar Hot Pot. The treadmark of Shwe Lar Hot Pot is their super delicious soup. And many types of meat are fresh, and so many meatballs that all ages can enjoy.

There are many branches in different townships, so it is easy to come and go. 

Jo Jo Hotpot

We can not refuse that JoJo Hot Pot is a great Hot Pot that has so many branches. Side dishes here in this restaurant are tasty, and the meat, veggies are fresh and delicious. They serve malaxiangguo too.

They have 6 branches across the town. Plus, fair price. We recommended Jo Jo Hotpot for its fresh meat, veggies and fair price.

 You can do booking for these 5 restaurants on the yathar app. As we mentioned 5 Hot Pot restaurants in Yangon, which kind of content will be next time. Please look forward to it.