Korea restaurant for who enjoy Korean foods

This time, I would like to refer to nice restaurants for people who like good food too.And let’s take a closer look at the Korean restaurants in Yangon. 

Ahjumma Kitchen

There’s only a few people who don’t know Ahjumma Kitchen among Korean restaurants, and it tastes good and is quite famous for its various Korean cuisine. I would like to provide a recommendation to eat beef bulgogi, pork bulgogi and bibimbap. The pork was marinated well, and the taste is quiet good and goes well with soju.

Seoul Myanmar

Seoul Myanmar is actually a noodle shop that sells Korean noodle soup. Every young person enjoys the spicy taste of noodle soup from this restaurant. It’s all convenient because you can choose from level 0 to Level 7 of spicy. The takoyaki in this store is a must try. 


If you want to eat Korean street food, there’s an Omuk. If you wanna try tteokbokki, fish cakes, and bibimbap that appear in K-dramas, you can taste them in Omuk. They have many branches in shopping centres , such as Myanmar Plaza,City mall,St.John. It is a nice Korean street food shop that can easily be purchased when you’re hungry. 

Little Korea BBQ

Little Korea BBQ is a BBQ shop where you can taste the Korean BBQ. The grilled meat really goes well with the soju. It would be quite fun if you hang out with your friends. And there is a small space to put the cheese next to the BBQ pan.  The grilled meat and the cheese is an amazing combination. 

Busan Fish Cake 

For Korean fish cake lovers, the Busan Fish Cake is absolutely a great place. You can also enjoy  the menus like budae jjigae, jjajangmyeon, and kimchi pork stir fried. The taste of the fish cakes is quite  good, and I also recommend this restaurant.